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27 Alexandra Rd, Ascot

“We take pride in our people, our service, the experience we offer, and the amazingly unique products we stock.”

We Love it!

Do you love where you shop?

Long before there were supermarkets that kept products on shelves, there were open-air markets. These markets were always vibrant destinations, full of genuinely exceptional finds and places filled with colour and inspiration. The marketplace was the lifeblood of the community, where people met to trade goods and catch up on news, connecting on a more personal level.

We want Marketplace to be much like this bygone experience, both joyous and extremely rewarding. A place where people who have largely become immune to over-marketing can experience a destination of genuinely unique products and authentic personalities.

It‘s taken time to craft, but we think it’s a journey well worth discovering. We can’t wait to share it with you.

The Marketplace Experience

Our brand is about our customers, your choices and your experience. For far too long Australian shoppers have been given two options when it comes to grocery shopping, take it or leave it. We think you deserve more.

We want to give you a choice that transcends marketing trends, price wars, and discount buys. We want you to really look forward to the experience of shopping with us and to make each of our stores a ‘destination for amazing.’ Our slogan is “love where you shop”. It embodies all the things we take pride in; people, destination, and the amazingly unique products you can only find at Marketplace.

A Vibrant Community

The Marketplace commitment to the shopping experience extends further than our stores, we are your Marketplace. With locations at Milton, St Lucia, New Farm, and Wises Road (Sunshine Coast), Marketplace offers customers so much more than a grocery store.

Anyone who shops at Marketplace expects more. They expect the freshest local produce selected daily from the markets and a range of brands to really get excited about. They expect engaging conversations with knowledgeable staff.

Ascot, we can’t wait to be part of your community! Redevelopment on Alexandra Rd is due for completion this Spring.

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